In line with government guidance (…/covid-19-guidance-on-social-distancing…), we have now put in place strict social distancing measures at our practice to keep you and our teams safe, secure the best care for your pets and help reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

We are no longer dealing with any routine appointments such as vaccinations or neutering. All appointments and visits will be for emergencies and telephone consults may be suitable for some of your pet health issues.

We will no longer be allowing people into the practice. So if not arriving by car please ensure you have sufficient clothing for the weather. Please also bring your mobile phone and bank card, no cash please. When you arrive, call us from outside and wait outside or in your car till we call you.

We will call you when the vet or nurse is ready and they will discuss the reasons for your visit. We will then bring your pet in to the consult room and ask you to wait outside. We will call you during or at the end of the examination to discuss the next treatment steps and medication. We will ask you to pay by card only and we will ask you to pay over the phone.

In the rare circumstances that you do come into the practice we will ask you to keep 2 meters between you and any of our team members or any other clients. Look for the marks on the floor to help assess the distance and do not cross them. If you are allowed inside the practice, please make sure you use the hand sanitizers available at entering and leaving. We have removed any non critical furniture, leaflets and space chairs adequately. Please do not move anything and respect the 2 meter marks.

If you are ill or self-isolating you should not visit the practice. Call us so we can find the best solution for your pet.
We may be able to deal with your pets needs via telephone consultation. We will discuss options when you call us for an appointment.

Our Hipperholme surgery will be closing from Wednesday 25th March at 7pm, all calls and patients will be dealt with at our Queensbury branch surgery for the time being. Please monitor our Facebook page for further updates or contact the surgery.

We thank you for your cooperation during those tough times, we will get through this together.