With the latest government guidelines easing all covid related restrictions from 19th July, you may wonder why we are continuing to implement social distancing and wearing PPE.

Anyone who steps inside our premises will have to register with the NHS Track & Trace app. If one person gets notified by the app that they have to isolate, it will put us all at risk. The Environmental Department for Health will close us down for 10 days following a notification of a covid-19 outbreak. This would prohibit us from providing the essential service of veterinary medical care and welfare to your pets.

Furthermore, some of our younger team members are not yet fully vaccinated, although we are all endeavoring to be so.

We have been operating consistently throughout this global pandemic. We would hate to come this far through it, just for everything to be pushed back again.

Please, please, be respectful that whilst restrictions have eased, covid-19 has not gone away.

We know it can be scary and confusing for owners to not be able to come inside with their pets whilst the vets and nurses are doing their jobs. We thank all of our clients for bearing with us so far, and we hope that by September we can welcome you through our doors once again.