At our veterinary centres we offer a complete healthcare package at each surgery. See the list in the Services section for more details. A lot of our facilities are obvious: waiting areas, consulting rooms, nurses rooms, theatres, kennels, lab equipment etc and we won’t dwell on the obvious.

It is worth pointing out that each centre is purpose built, and exceeds all current legislation, e.g. the X ray room is fully lead lined, the drug dispensaries are temperature controlled and monitored with respect to this, and so on.

We have more than our fair share of the latest diagnostic equipment: ultrasound, electrocardiogram/blood pressure, pulse oximetry and capnography (to monitor anaesthesia), digital X ray and full in house blood analysers.

One particularly useful facility is on site car parking at both sites, and easy access surgeries! Drop in and see us to get a better idea of our facilities.


Dog Sat on Table Smiling at Camera with Cone on Head with Veterinary Nurse